Vol.001 LALA Lauren Tsai

Instagram: laurentsai98

It seems that you started drawing when you were very young. Do you remember what your first drawings were?

I loved to draw dragons! I started drawing when I was two and it was like escaping to another world, so it was always dragons and princesses.

What inspires you to draw?

Simply, life. But I feel the most inspired to draw after watching movies. I love listening to film soundtracks and being inspired by the world created in the film. Sad movies are my favorite.And I love Studio Ghibli, but everyone does (笑).

Does your racial heritage affect your artwork?

I’d say that my work is largely inspired by Asian culture, since I grew up in Hawaii, a place with a large Asian population/a lot of Asian culture.

As you draw many pictures of women, is there anyone specific you think of or imagine?

A lot of people tell me that my art resembles me, but I never draw with that intention. Who do you think she is?

Do you remember the first art piece you ever sold? How did you feel then?

The first picture I sold was when I was 12 and it was sold online. I was asked to draw someone’s character in Photoshop. I think I spent 4-6 hours on it and got paid around $10. I was so proud of myself.

What are your mediums? Watercolor? Pens?

Watercolors and ballpoint pen are my favorite mediums. Watercolor is very imperfect and has a mind of its own, whereas ballpoint pen lets you create with fine lines.

How did you feel about work for LUCUA Osaka? What was the theme? How long did it take?

The client told me they wanted an artwork for a brochure that had to do with spring and left the rest to me. I decided to make a fantasy world for them and they ended up really liking the concept and asked me to make a display for their storefront at Osaka Station. I had only a week or so to complete the project, so I think this project really pushed me as an artist.

Having total freedom is extremely pressuring, but this was a great experience. I’m thrilled to show my little fantasy world to everyone at Osaka-eki. It’s the greatest feeling. Seeing the display in real life was one of my happiest moments. Creation gives me an unexplainable sense of satisfaction.

What is your goal as a creator?

I want to make my own animated film one day. It’s my ultimate dream. I also aspire to do more jobs like the one at LUCUA and maybe do fashion brand collaborations. I’ll be working.Let’s see what happens.

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