Vol.002 Julia abe

What is it like to be an artist?

It’s not something that I can live off (yet) but I’d like it to be, so for me being an artist now is a reminder that I can never give up and also my main way of expressing what’s bothering me or cheering me the most.

What is the message behind your work?/ What do you want to share with people through your art?

I want them to see that my art is not only a self representation but also a representation of the public themselves. I draw a lot of “characters” mainly, thinking that one day a person will walk in a room with one of my pieces in it and identify it immediately to be their representation.

Which Artistic medium is your favorite and why?

Acrylic and Crayons. I like to feel like I’m in middle school or preschool recently. It’s important to keep the mind young or else you become a super grumpy old person all of a sudden.

When do you find yourself to be the most creative? (Is there a time of the day? A certain mood when you feel the need to express yourself?

There is no decided time for my creativity, it strikes whenever it wants to but I find myself drawing late at night the most when all I have in my head is confusion, intense positive thoughts or intense negative thoughts.

As a model when do you find time to work on your art.

Art is the main reason I came to Japan, not modeling. Therefore it makes sense to me that I find time to draw or paint everyday. Sometimes I paint instead of sleeping because that’s the only time I have, sometimes I’m on set for a photoshoot and while they do my make up I draw. Other times I have to give up on personal plans like hanging out with friends or even my boyfriend in order to continue painting what I’ve started.

How important is it for you to find a balance between modeling and your work as an artist?

I do both because I Iove doing both of them very much, and because I want to be successful in both fields. I don’t necessarily have a hard time finding balance between these two because I’ve got used to doing them at once but I remind myself to do it the honest way, not to rush, not to lie to myself and to others about my accomplishments. Basically I remind myself to kill it at all times but not be a bitch about it.

Where can we see more of your Artistic work?

I’m having an exhibition on August 18th,19th and 20th at SO1 gallery in Harajuku, Tokyo. The exhibition is called IKKA and it means A family in Japanese. The idea came from drawing four characters that look related but have no parents but even without parents they form one family. The truth is that I miss my family very much and everything I have close to a family are my friends that I can call brothers and sisters, and the idea to make this exhibition came from the idea of wanting to thank all of my friends to watch my back when I think that I’m alone in this road.

You can also see my previous artwork on my website juliasumire.com or on my personal instagram @juliasumire




過去の作品は私のWEBサイトjuliasumire.com か instagram @juliasumire でみることが出来るよ。

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