How did you get into photography?  What was the catalyst? When did you start?
どのようなことがきっかけで写真を撮り始めたんですか? また、カメラマンとしてのキャリアスタートはいつ頃?

My interest in photography started when I joined the Photography Club in middle school. In high school I posted a lot of my work on SNS. In college I really started to be more original and creative with my work. At the end of last year I showed my work in a group exhibit; and in September this year, I had my first solo exhibit.

What does “taking pictures” mean to you?

Whether it is a picture, words, model’s actions or theatrical — my goal is show different perspectives. In particular, photos are the most interesting is because I can cut and edit to achieve a specific look and reaction that I seek. I think this is the most important part of photography.


It seems like you are very experienced; is there a point that you are very particular about?

My creative eye tends to look at backlight and reflected light. Very often these lightings shimmer when viewed with the naked eye. For this purpose, I think film is better than digital.  Wth digital, you can see a lot of details that I may not want in the photo. On the other hand, when I want to show the rich human expressions, digital is often better.

What subjects do you like to take most?

Complete strangers. I like to be in situations where we start out without predisposition and develop a relationship. Especially in portraits, relationship between subject and photgrapher is so key. Sometimes my camera and I cannot capture a certain look but over time, as the subject and I get to know each other better, I am able to capture new expressions.

What is the camera you like to work with right now?

I like the NIKON F80. It is just right — the handling is comfortable — I have been using it for the last five years and it has never failed me.


What kind of work are you looking to challenging today? What are your views?
今後どのようなスタイルの写真に挑戦してみたい? 仕事の展望など。

Up until now, when I take background/scenery shots — I see it through the viewfinder as inorganic. When I take pictures of people as subjects, I am really taking a photograph of my relationship with the person. My next challenge is to take a person or persons and see them in more objective or inorganic way.  Some other areas I want to pursue and challenge is creating a “visual brand identity.”

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